Frequently Asked Questions

I just signed up to Scaleo. What next?

Once you signed up, you will receive a welcome email which includes your platform url and login credentials. You can simply login and start checking out your brandnew platform.

How and when to pay for my Platform?

In order to offer an affordable pricing, our platforms are all prepaid. Once you are ready to start live operations, kindly submit your companydetails and you will receive an invoice. Once the invoice is cleared you are ready to start operational business.

Can i change the Login URL for my Platform?

Yes. If you would like to use your own subdomain to login into your platform, you simply add a CNAME to your existing domain and point it to your Scaleo Platform. Have a look at our Guide for this.

Can i directly start with my business after i signed up?

Scaleo does provide you with a 14 Day Evaluation Trial. During this trialperiod, you can explore your new tracking platform and all features. However, live traffic is not allowed if the platform has trial status. During the trial, you can cancel your subscription at any time free of charge.

I don't need a Trial, i just want to start!

Actually most of our clients only need a few days of their trial. If you also feel comfortable to directly start using Scaleo for your business, just let us know and we will issue the invoice so you can start with your brand new platform.